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The Creativity & Perfection War

- Can you see the Dog?
- Nah, it’s not perfectly represented as a dog. 

I am sure you already have heard the people saying “in this world, there are two kind of people: the good one and the bad one”.
Well, today I may have to use this expression; not to separate and identify the best kind of people, but to separate and identify the two different ways to achieve a same goal: art.

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The Globalism - Tribalism Collusion

As stated in my last article, the world is going global, with some discrepancy according to the countries. Then among the world population, this global trend is known as globalism : a theory explaining how mankind would in the future share the same culture through a merge of all of the existing cultures. Yet, as Dan Fonseca wrote in an article of his blog, globalism induces an “opposite, yet equal force” feeding upon the first one : Tribalism.

Facebook : A global service using tribalism to categorize people

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Why and How Global Discrepancy?

In the previous post I talked about globalization and how the world was going flatter. But Friedman's theory lacks some basic considerations. Richard Florida, Urban studies theorist, wrote an interesting article published in The Atlantic about how the world was spiky. Florida does not totally refute Friedman’s ideas, but he points out the work that needs to be done to flatten the world faster, particularly for human basic needs. In other words, the world is flat for the cast of wealthy people ; for some of them, even space will be flat (see Virgin Galactic and how to send rich men and women into space).

This divide between people who are globalized and people who are still in a regional world is in fact a problem of basic needs fulfilled or not. This gap comes partly from globalization itself, a globalized market means that foreign investors can easily access any products around the world. But the reciprocal is not true, producers can’t access the global market without the finance of foreign companies. These companies will get the most of the benefits, if not profits, and innovations will come out of their laboratory only. 

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Why and How Globalization?

In 2005, Thomas L. Friedman released a book entitled : The World Is Flat. In this book, the author explained that because of new technologies in media, communication and travel, the world was going flatter, i.e. global, and people were to easily bind together. Examples to this theory are numerous ; the same products are spread all over the world, like Coca-Cola ; services over Internet are available to more and more people ; cultural movements can spread even more rapidly than before, creating a cultural link shared throughout the world.

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