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Riding the Train in Thailand

Taking the train in Thailand, it is like getting back in time in a car which, even though it is dated from 1996 “only”, it feels like the colonial style in which it was built, and on the railroads on which it follows the locomotive, the past of colonial conquest is obviously back on the rails.

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Koh Sichang : An Island Only Two Hours Off Bangkok by Bus & Ferry

A few weeks ago, I departed from Bangkok to spend a weekend far from the noise pollution, the action and the craziness that can become overwhelming in this city. As money is my main issue when it comes to travelling, I chose to follow the recommendations of a friend, who had been amazed to find a nice, simple and quiet island off the coast of Pattaya (the filthy crowded city, do not worry the island is far away from being that kind of place): Koh Sichang.

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Tapas Cafe : A Nice Spanish Restaurant With Delicious Dishes

The restaurant is situated in the street where all the foreigners come to drink a beer at Cheap Charlie at night. During daylight, the place is less crowded and you can appreciate a certain kind of calm even though Soi 11 is parallel to this little street.

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Eating Crispy Crepes in Bangkok

A small booth in Talad Ruamsub cooking all kind of crêpe recipes.

Try it for breakfast, lunch, dessert or snack : salty, sweet or mixed salty & sweet crepe recipes await you there for as much as 30 Bahts.
They also give the possibility to ask for your own recipe.

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Kanchanaburi - Hellfire Pass & Kwai River Bridge

Hellfire Pass - From the heart of the mountains to the cultivated lands, through the Hellfire Pass :

If you go to Kanchanaburi, you have to take the Death Railway train from Nam Tok to Kanchanaburi (and further if you’d like). This train is the perfect way to visit the region while sitting in an old-fashioned train (don’t take the tourist train). The first step is to take a bus to Nam Tok, it is quite difficult to find as you have to wait in front of a gas station in Kanchanaburi. When you will see the bus, you will be amazed by its bizarre design : the paintings on the bus are insane and the interior is also crazy. Speaking of the inside of the bus, it is quite comfortable, and it has to be as you will go on a 2-hour road trip ; because it only drives at 60 km/h (37 mph). Still it has to be experienced.

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Kanchanaburi : Going and Sleeping There

How to go to Kanchanaburi from Bangkok?

The best way to get to Kanchanaburi s by taking a minibus in Bangkok. It takes two hours to get there, on a freeway. In order to do so, you need to go to the last station of the BTS line to Wongwian Yai. From there, take a taxi to the southern bus terminal.
The minibus is a bit small, but the road is straight to Kanchanaburi, the seats are comfortable and there is AC.

Note : It is only 100 THB which make it really cheap.

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Visa Extension in Thaïlande

Make a visa extension in Thailand is an intimidating and interesting experience. For the majority of the foreigners, the Thailand embassy does not give a visa for more than three continuous months, you are indeed asked to extend your visa after two months in Thailand. And if you do not wish to do a visa-run (going out of the country and reentering it), the best solution is to go to the Thai immigration in order to extend your trip.

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