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More than 20 gaming studio were closed this year, some young and others a lot older, like Paragon Studios, developers of the MMORPG City of Heroes.

How sad…

City of Heroes: Last Chance and Final Hours

It has been nearly-to three months since the announce by NCSoft, publisher of the game City of Heroes Freedom, it will shut down servers on the 30th of October. During that period, players from the game have been busy showing their discontent about how indifferent NCSoft has been to the community around the MMORPG. But they also tried anything to continue their adventures in Paragon City.

And today, they had the great idea to send a 31-page long report to Disney and ask them to buy the licence and save the game. They also asked every players and fans to send letters in order to make the demand more important.

Finally, you can watch the clock ticking as the end for City of Heroes servers approach, using this website.

Source: Save City of Heroes

The Community Gathering Around City Of Heroes

In that article, I was talking about the end of the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), and how the community was surprised by the announce.

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City Of Heroes Closing

This MMORPG was announced today as soon to be shut down. The Community Manager of the game announced a few hours ago that the developers of the game, Paragorn Studios, were undertaken by the publisher NCsoft, in order to “realign of company focus and publishing support”.

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