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Marine drones to clean the seas.


Marine Drone Concept Collects Plastic Waste To Clean The Ocean

Finally a robot doing something useful and not just singing and dancing…not that those things aren’t fun to watch!


Plastic bag is a very useful item for consumers due to its durability and stability, however plastic also raises a problem in marine environments. If you take a walk along any beach anywhere in the world, you’ll notice there are many drifting plastic trash washed ashore. The growth of plastic waste in the ocean is already at alarming rate, this Marine Drone concept has been especially designed to provide an innovative way to collect plastic waste and clean the oceans.

Together with other drones this vehicle will catch plastic or any other waste using its special sensor to improve its ability to collect plastic waste. In order to keep fish away and accidentally trapped in the net, this Marine Drone is equipped with an infrasound system. The high powered batteries allow this drone to stay in the water for more than 2 weeks. These industrial designers have done extensive research in naval technology to come up with credible concept marine drone.

There is so much garbage to clean in the ocean, we better start now!

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